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About Us

Who We Are

We are Card-Not-Present payment experts with decades of collective experience, including utilizing an extensive banking network that spans the globe that we’ve worked years to build. We are a team of former CEOs from within the payments industry, with the credibility and expertise necessary to successfully introduce higher risk or harder-to-place merchants to the right banks or payment solutions for their business. EMC provides ongoing advice and support for the clientele we elect to work with, helping to assure long term, profitable growth. Our list of clients includes public and private companies that individually process $500 Million to $1 billion annually in credit card transactions and alternative payments.

How We Work

We are selective, and maintain the highest standards of client approval prior to entering into a consultative position. All of our clients are introduced directly in-person to our acquiring banks, which makes EMC a very unique partner in the payment industry because our clients then maintain a personal relationship with their acquiring bank and PSP.

Why EMC?

EMC has been a trusted brand in payments for a decade, helping merchants to collectively process $Billions annually in credit card transactions. We are passionate about helping our clients monetize their businesses and we know how to traverse the obstacles of the payment industry better than anyone.


Global Banking Network

We help determine a domestic or global billing strategy and the best banking fit for a particular business category. Our banking network has grown substantially since we opened our first offices in Berlin, Germany in 2004, and in London, England in 2005. We maintain a trusted, personal relationship with all of our banking partners in the US and the EU.

Hosted Payment Applications

This strategy of Payments as a Service (PAAS) outsources the entire payment process from the initial capture page, to gateway transaction services through ongoing customer support. Through an established network of PAAS partners, EMC is able to match its clients with the best possible localized solutions, whatever your needs.

Fraud & Risk Management

As specialists in Fraud and Risk mitigation, the EMC team focuses on providing proven solutions which balance the end user experience, client revenue goals and regulatory requirements to ensure ongoing economic viability of merchants and banks alike.

Market Research Services

Many times our clients want to understand emerging trends in the payment space with our research often being utilized by both merchants and banks alike to better frame strategic decisions.

US Merchant Accounts

EMC has an extensive banking network in the US for many different business categories. Our unique relationships are such that we can often get merchant accounts in the US for businesses that typically struggle to find the right banking partners. In most cases, we introduce our clients directly to the banking partner that we work with, so there is never any mystery with who you are doing business with. This creates for a long term solution and relationship that is unparalleled in the industry.

Offshore Merchant Accounts

Throughout the last decade, EMC2Billing.com’s principals have traveled throughout Europe, setting up operations in Germany and England, in order to establish a strong network of banking relationships throughout Europe. Since then we have expanded our network of banking solutions to include Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Our network of banks offers a solution for savvy merchants looking to diversify their processing volume, reach international audiences, and accept multiple currencies, plus take advantage of more flexible chargeback thresholds while processing without volume restrictions.

Alternative Payment Solutions

EMC offers over 200 alternative solutions that reach over 80 countries, including some of the most popular solutions, such as ACH in the US, Sofort in Germany, iDeal in the Netherlands, Mobile payment solutions, ewallet solutions and much more.

Compliance Services

There are many different obstacles when US merchants attempt to grow internationally. Our extensive network of partners help traverse the complicated landscape of foreign compliance issues so that you can focus on growing your business without the concern of having your business shut down or face unwanted financial obstacles.

Gateway Services

EMC has a robust, proven worldwide technology platform for merchants to utilize. Whether processing in the US or in Europe, EMC’s gateway products are the most integrated, highly scalable, and easy to utilize solutions worldwide.

Our gateway services also offer the highest level of security, PCI DSS Level 1 certified.

EMC offers a full suite of services that connect to banks in the US and Europe for credit card processing and alternative payment solutions. EMC delivers a fast, easy, secure and ready-to-use solution that is simply the best option for each market and merchant.


EMC Investments hand picks select companies to provide payment consulting and merchant accounts for, and we also become part of the startup/growth process by investing our money as well as our energy and expertise, to help new companies traverse the often complicated landscape of payment acceptance both in the US and globally.


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