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Why Is Your Adult Merchant Account High Risk?

The biggest reason you are considered high risk is because Visa and MasterCard consider you to be high risk. This means that there is a special registration required for an online dating merchant account. 

Further, there are not very many banks in the United States that will accept what is known as registered high-risk business. This limits your options as to where you can find a payment processing partner that knows, understands and appreciates the business you are in.

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What Can I Do To Secure An Adult Merchant Account?

Accepting debit and credit cards, although commonplace in the online adult services industry (e.g. e-commerce, entertainment websites, etc.) is a tiresome task, and one that comes with a variety of potentially bad to worse options.

To ensure that your high-risk adult merchant account functions smoothly, you need a high-risk payment processing expert like EMC2Billing.

At a team of experts in adult payment processing will provide the necessary approval for your high-risk adult merchant account. They will talk to you, know more about your business and business model. After which you can get approved in as little as 24 hours!
What this means for your business is that you now have a reliable and secure adult payment processing provider, you don’t need to tire yourself running around from bank to bank while having the uncertainty of approval, high fees or archaic underwriting guidelines hanging over your head like a sword.

What you have instead is a team of merchant servicing experts at EMC2Billing who will help you secure an adult merchant servicing account and help you take the first step in growing your business. The flexible terms and easy approval process will prove beneficial to your online adult merchant account.

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