Crypto Payment Processing

EMC2 Offers Assistance With Crypto Payment Processing

By utilizing our crypto payment processing service, customers can pay for goods and services using their preferred cryptocurrency.

By offering this innovative payment method, you’ll save money on transactions and increase your customer base.
We are experts in high-risk payment processing solutions, and you can get started right away.

How Crypto Payment Processing Works

EMC2 Billing leverages a fixed exchange rate for processing cryptocurrency payments.

How it works:
• Your customers select the cryptocurrency they would like to use for payment, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.
• You choose which currency (i.e., USD, GBP, or EUR) you would like to receive your customers’ payment. 
• Then when customers pay using cryptocurrency, EMC2 Billing uses a fixed exchange rate to convert the crypto into your preferred currency for payment and sends it to your bank account.

Benefits of Enabling Crypto Payment Processing for Your Customers

There are several benefits of enabling cryptocurrency payments from your customers:

  • Enable instantaneous transactions from around the world. You don’t have to wait for funds to become available in your account.

  • Acts as an international currency, making it easier to sell globally.

  • Avoids fraud and chargebacks because cryptocurrency behaves like cash.

  • Acquire new customers who like more payment options.

  • Saves money by no longer requiring transaction verification, saving 2-5 percent on each transaction.

  • Frees payments from being bound by a country’s exchange rate.

  • It allows multiple individuals to contribute to a single purchase, like crowdsourcing.

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Why are Cryptocurrency Payments Considered High Risk?

Cryptocurrencies are a new technology, and they are considered high risk because:

  • Businesses don’t know how to manage and keep their crypto safe.

  • Cryptocurrency prices are incredibly volatile.

  • Regulations and taxes can be confusing and complicated. 

EMC2 Billing mediates these risks for you so that you can accept cryptocurrency without all the liability.

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