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Why Is Your Online Dating Merchant Account Considered High Risk?

The biggest reason you are considered high risk is because Visa and MasterCard consider you to be high risk. This means that there is a special registration required for an online dating merchant account. Further, there are not very many banks in the United States that will accept what is known as registered high-risk business. This limits your options as to where you can find a payment processing partner that knows, understands and appreciates the business you are in.

One of the other reasons your dating merchant account is considered to be high risk is because of the high volume of chargebacks. It’s common practice for people to be dissatisfied easily if they are unable to find someone suitable or if it’s taking too long. They can simply request a refund from their credit card companies via a chargeback.

It’s because of this special classification by Visa and MasterCard as well as the potential for fraud and high incidence of chargebacks that your dating merchant account falls into the high-risk category.

Another reason for this is that often dating sites are fronts of illegal activities, such as escort services or even human trafficking. To prevent this there is a thorough investigation process done before an account is approved.

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