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Do You Need A Sports Betting Merchant Account?

Payment processing for online sports betting has always been a difficult bridge to cross. Banks and other financial institutions are highly reluctant as you’re considered a high-risk merchant account. For your sports betting payment processing needs, you are left with few options. This more often than not gets in the way of sales, operations and could be a deterrent for your client base, especially for a sports betting company.

It’s often difficult to find a reliable payment processing partner for a high-risk merchant account, which is where EMC2Billing comes in. With a specialization in high-risk merchant services and payment processing consultancy, EMC2Billing is a trustworthy solution for your sports betting merchant account.

How Can You Get A Sports Betting Merchant Account?

By using the services of, you can start accepting payments within 24 hours! The high-risk payment merchant account experts will look at your business, your business model and can help you can get approved quickly with full transparency! EMC2Billing has helped small to big enterprise businesses streamline payment processing.

High-risk payment processing for your sports betting merchant account will no longer be a concern or a hurdle in your business plan. By streamlining your payment processing, you are opening doors to a smoother way of running your online business. The invaluable experience brought forth by EMC2Billing in the high-risk payment processing sector is bound to help you and your sports betting payment processing.

EMC2Billing helps you remove the uncertainty of being declined by a bank and the industry know-how of EMC2 will surely come in handy and you can start accepting payments quickly and efficiently.

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