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Why Is My Travel Merchant Account High Risk?

Banks deem merchant accounts high risk when there are high chances of a chargeback, refund or cancellations. All of these are prevalent in the travel industry. Trips get canceled all the time due to unexpected circumstances. If their expectations are not met, customers are liable for a refund and companies are expected to comply. All these reasons are why a travel merchant account is considered high risk.

The process of applying for a travel merchant account is highly dependent on the underwriter at the bank or financial institution. They have to assess the risk which comes with your travel business. High ticket chargebacks, the possibility of no money in the processor account in case of a refund, lack of fraud prevention security and much more. You are burdened with high underwriting charges and high fees per transaction, higher cash reserve requirement and much more.

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How Can I Move Ahead With My Travel Merchant Account?

A high-risk travel merchant company like yours needs a high-risk merchant account with help from a reliable company like We are a merchant servicing company that specializes in high-risk payment processing solutions and consultation. Our team of experts will analyze your business model and can get you approved to start accepting payments within as little as 24 hours! We understand the needs of high-risk travel payment processing and we have worked with big and small enterprises solving their high-risk payment processing queries.

Contact us now to start accepting payments again as a high-risk travel merchant account and experience seamless processing and expert solutions for your business needs.

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